How to adjust the height of the bicycle seat

- May 18, 2018 -

How to adjust the height of the bicycle seat, there are three ways to use it scientifically.

1. Heel method This is a very common and simple method. When you sit on the saddle, put your heel on the ankle and adjust the height of the saddle so that your leg is perpendicular to the ankle. Whether it is level with the hip bone at the point.

2. The 109% Act: In 1967, Hamley and Thomas proposed a better method. They tested various saddle heights and thought that the ideal saddle height position is inseam length (from the perineal to the sole length or 109% from the top of the pedal shaft to the highest position of the saddle). Through various practices, this method has been widely welcomed and affirmed by the top coaches in the industry.

3, Holmes method: The original purpose of this method is to reduce excessive strain during cycling. Holmes method is very different from the above three methods. You must use a protractor and use a protractor to measure the angle between the knee and the lowest position of the pedal (pictured). Holmes suggested that this angle be between 25 and 35 degrees, and the closer to 25 degrees, the more beneficial those old injuries (tarsal tendinitis). However, this metho

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