How to make your bike seat more comfortable

- Jul 28, 2018 -

How to make your bike seat more comfortable:

Before shopping for a new saddle, consider these possibilities first:

Your saddle may be to high. This can cause you to shift your weight from side to side,a movement that often results in irritation to your sensitive perineal area.

Your saddles's angle may need fine-tuning.Saddles are adjustable via the seat clamp right under the saddle.Loosen the screw and the saddle will tilt forward and back.Even a slight change in tilt of the saddle can relieve pressure. If your saddle is flat and your experinece discomfort, try a slight forward tilt.

Your riding style may need adjusting.Lots of bumps or long days in the saddle can lead to perineum compression. To alleviate this:

Stand up briefly on your pedals every 10 minutes or so.

Stand slightly over bumps,using your legs as shock absorbers.

Get a full-suspension bike(best for mountain biking) or a suspension seatpost(found on some recreational and commuting bikes).

Switch to a recumbent bike.

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