Leather saddle maintenance and care

- Aug 18, 2018 -

Leather saddle maintenance and care:

Leather saddle have a ton of advantages over synthetic materials.They form to your anatomy,they get more comfortable with time, and if maintained well, they last forever and only look better as time passed. At the same time, if not looked after at all they might start cracking and loose their color and character.There are 4 easy ways of making your saddle last a lifetime.

  1. Give it some grease.Use saddle polish, but anything will do as long as it is natural and doesn't know chemicals in it, personally I will suggest bee's WAX, you can use it for saddles,grips,shoes,hand big,ect.

  2. Cover from rain.Leather is not a huge fan of water.Just have a plastic big in your backbag or under the seat for when it rains, pull it over the seat and keep your saddle in order and rear end day.

  3. Keep your bike indoors.This one is not a must, but a rule of thumb is that your bike will last longer the less sun and rain it seems.If you don't want to keep it indoors then cover seat with a plastic bag during the might so it won't soak in the rain.

4. Tighten your seat every once in a while.In most cases, it will be needed only once a year, but   still, it is a good idea to do it.If you don't sure when to do it then jump into the closest     bike shop and they should give you a good idea and probably do it for you.Dont't toghten a wet   saddle.

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