The ways to develop good riding habits

- Apr 19, 2018 -

The ways to develop good riding habits:

The advantages of convenient and environmental friendly make many people fall in love with riding, the most important is that it makes people keep in good health, but the frequent of the traffic accident sounded the alarm for us, let's develop below habits:

  1. Wearing the protector when riding

  2. Chosing the right bicycle and staying the correct riding posture.

  3. Warming up before riding

  4. Don't ride when injured.

  5. Please obey the traffice rules.

  6. Don't do some hard work when riding.

  7. Be concentrative when riding.

  8. Chosing the good weather to ride

  9. Don't ride the bicycle just after dinner

  10. Don't rest instantly after the strenuous riding.

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